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STYX connects

shippers and carriers

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STYX helps carriers grow their business and gives
shippers the chance to monitor their shipment 24/7.

Here's How

STYX Works:


Service fee

The STYX webpage and app are free for everyone.
Service fees are set by carriers themselves and STYX
automatically charges its fee from a successful transaction.    

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Here's How

STYX Works:


Make a choice

Shippers and carriers make their own choices.
Shippers choose the carriers and the carriers
choose the most suitable orders.

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Here's How

STYX Works:


Bilateral rating system

Upon completion of each order, the shipper and the carrier rate each other.
Ratings help users choose both the most reliable carriers and shippers.
STYX is constantly working on improving its services.

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Here's How

STYX Works:


Simple payment system

Shippers pay the transportation fee in an instant.
The carriers will receive payments on a weekly basis.

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  • Can I become a Carrier at STYX?

    Anyone can sign up as a carrier under any tax status, not only big companies, but also individual truck drivers. Small and medium and micro businesses can use the platform for a better utilization of their transporting resources. Startups and entrepreneurs focused on logistics can also use STYX. Long story short, we invite anyone, who can transport goods.
  • How do I become a carrier?

    To use the platform, you need to sign up as a carrier on our website or download the mobile app from App Store or Google Play and complete the registration process there. After signing up you can look up orders that might suit your interests and offer your fee to the shippers.
  • When do I get the transportation fee?

    STYX operates on electronic payments only. The transportation fee is transferred to STYX bank account. Your payment for the previous week will be credited to your personal or your company’s bank account every Wednesday. Keep in mind, that payments that you receive on Wednesday do not include the payment for Monday and Tuesday. You will receive those on next Wednesday.
  • How do I pay STYX commission?

    Commission rates are automatically included in the service fee you offer to the shipper and are automatically covered by the shipper when paying the transportation fee.
  • How to contact you in case of further questions?

    STYX customer help center is always available by email:


  • How STYX works

    Using the modern technology STYX helps your order reach as many carriers as possible. STYХ will accept your orders for any kind of shipment. The platform provides more transparency and efficiency and helps you find the best price to quality ratio.
  • How do I sign up?

    Sign up here or contact us by email:

Privacy Policy


In order, to get more updates on how STYX uses your personalinformation for anonymous marketing accounts as well as in order torefuse to such use of your personal data, click here.

Welcome to STYX (“STYX”, “Us”) website, social media page and app(“platforms”). Please read below about how we collect, protect and use yourpersonal information, when you communicate with us through this platform.

Please keep in mind that different services, websites, apps andadvertisements provided by STYX may have different methods of privacyprotection. In this case, we present the different privacy policy thatapplies to interaction via web pages, ads and apps.

When you provide us with any information through one of our platforms, youaccept that we can store and process this information in differentcountries of your residence including US. Please keep in mind, that somecountries might have different laws applicable to privacy and use ofpersonal information compared to the country of your residence.

1.Personal information gathered by us

1.1 We gather personal information (information that can be used toidentify a person) such as:

1.1.1 Your first and last name

1.1.2 Name of the company

1.1.3 ID number of the company

1.1.4 Personal number

1.1.5 Copy of identification card

1.1.6 Bank account number

1.1.7 TAX status

1.1.8 Contact information (such as email, phone number and postal code)

1.2 We receive personal information when you decide to provide us with itthough our platform or through other sources such as common marketingpartners; social media platforms; people that you are friends with or areconnected to through social media platforms and other third parties.

2. Other information collected by us

2.1 We can receive information about you using the platform, such as:

2.1.1 How you use a platform

2.1.2 IP address and information about the device used to gain access toplatform, such a media access control (MAC) address, type of computer(Windows or Macintosh), screen resolution, name and version of operatingsystem, manufacturer and model of the device, language, type and version ofinternet browser and name and version of platform (app) that you are using

2.1.3 Your location, in case you are using mobile app or web platform.Before we receive your location, you will be asked if you wish us toreceive information about your location, or not.

2.2 We will also gather and sort other information about you (such asregistration numbers or information about demographic group) excludinginformation directly identifying a person. We may use and share thisinformation with third parties for any reasons within legal boundaries.

3. Using cookies

3.1 We and our third party service providers use tools for gathering yourinformation, while you are browsing our website, web platform or app. Thesetools use cookie files – small text files that are stored on your harddrive. Cookie files are used to enhance performance of the website, providestatistical data about the user activity and guarantee security. We alsouse cookies to identify you as a trading body or the guest of our websitein order to fill out our website forms in advance. Such information may beshared with third parties in order to provide any of the services listedabove under our name.

3.2 To learn more about cookies, including the tips for your internetbrowser on how to restrict or block cookies, keep in mind that without cookies your experience with our websiteand its benefits may be incomplete.

4. How we use personal information

4.1 Firstly, we use your personal information in order to provide youservices via platform and its functionality:

4.1.1 To follow your requests and to answer your questions

4.1.2 To provide you with administrative information, such as changes inour terms and conditions or methods

4.1.3 To manage promotional events or contests that you choose toparticipate in

4.1.4 To facilitate social sharing process

4.1.5 To analyze and monitor the usage of our platform and to enhance theworking process

4.1.6 To guarantee security of the platform in order neutralize fraudulentactivity and to protect our policies

4.1.7 To make our platform fit your needs

4.1.8 To share information about STYX affiliates’ or other third parties’services, if you agree to that

4.1.9 To conduct different activities with your agreement

4.1.10 To share geographical locations, ex. “share with a friend”

4.1.11 To analyze data, audit, develop new products, identify new usagetendencies, assess the effectiveness of our stock campaigns and for properfunctioning and expansion of our business.

5. How we share personal information

5.1 We will only share personal information received via platform, asdescribed in terms and conditions. We can share your personal informationwith:

5.1.1 Companies and providers that help our business by providing servicessuch as website hosting, data analysis, IT infrastructure, customerservice, email service, audit and other services

5.1.2 Sponsors of third party promotional events and contests that youchoose to participate in

5.1.3. With governing authorities in order to work in accordance with thelaw and other legal obligations such as reacting to request for summons,including all legal obligations outside your country of residence

5.1.4 Public and governmental establishments upon their inquiry, includingpublic and governmental establishments outside your country of residence

5.1.5 In order to protect our rights, operations and property or those ofour customer

5.1.6 With investigating authority in order to investigate and restrictpotentially harmful, suspicious, illegal or fraudulent activity, violationof personal safety or terms and conditions

5.1.7 With other companies that STYX owns in accordance with the law. STYXis the party to be held accountable for management of mutually heldinformation.

5.1.8 In case of merging of STYX shareholders

5.1.9 With your consent

5.2 Please keep in mind that any information that you share on publicspaces of our platform, such as social media pages, may be seen by othervisitors.

6. Your choice

6.1 You can choose not to share private information with us, when you useour platform. Although, in case that providing information is not optionaland you do not provide us with needed personal information you might beunable to use our platform.

6.2 You can refuse to receive promotional emails from STYX platform, byfollowing the cancelling link in the email. You can refuse to receivepromotional SMS from STYX if you reply to any SMS with the word “STOP”.

7. Third party control

7.1 We may advertise third parties that we might consider interesting toyou based on the information about your usage of our website or third partywebsites. Third party companies can place and acknowledge unique cookiefiles on your browser (including usage of pixel tag). To learn more aboutthese practices, please visit the website:

7.2 To learn more about how STYX uses your data for marketing accountsand to refuse to such use of your data, click here.

7.3 You can change the configuration of your browser in order to refuse theuse of cookie files or you can receive a message when cookie files areinstalled. Although, if you reject the cookies, the platform might not workproperly.

8. How to access and edit your personal information

8.1 Our platform allows you to view and edit your personal information. Ifthis were not the case you can contact us via email give at the end of thefollowing terms and ask to be given access to your personal information orask as to update or edit the information gathered on our platform. Pleasekeep in mind, that in accordance with the local law, STYX may save yourpersonal information for auditing, solving problems, helping investigation,protecting our policies or obeying the legal obligations. Please also keepin mind that we are not to be held accountable for your approval to view,update or delete your personal information that you give to the thirdparty, including the app, social media platform or wireless serviceproviders.

9. How we protect your personal information

9.1 STYX uses security technologies including the cellular security systemsand secure socket layer, in order to protect the personal informationgathered by us. Our policy is limited to sharing personal information withthose staff and service providers that need to handle said information forSTYX to provide services that you use. We take physical, electronic andprocedural measures in order to protect personal information.

10. Applicable services

10.1 The following privacy policy does not apply to and we are not to beheld accountable for third parties’ (including websites or serviceproviders) practices of protecting confidential information. Clicking alink on the platform does not mean supporting websites or services relatedto STYX.

10.2 Please keep in mind that we are not to be held accountable for otherorganizations’ policies and practices of gathering, using and sharinginformation (including security practices). We are also not to be heldaccountable for protection of any personal information that you share withother organizations through our platform.

11. Changes in the following privacy policy

11.1 We may make amendments to the following privacy policy at any time bypublishing the updated privacy policy.

12. Period of storing

12.1 We will store your personal information for the period of time neededto achieve goals described in privacy policy, in case that a longer periodis not required or allowed by law.

13. Using platform by underage persons

13.1 Platform is not designed for usage by underage (under 18 year old)persons and we request to not let any underage person share personalinformation on our platform.

14.. Important information

14.1 Please do not provide us with any sensitive personal information,social security numbers, information related to race or ethnical heritage,political, religious preferences, personal health, record of conviction ormembership of trade unions, on or through our platform.

15. How to contact STYX regarding the issues of your privacy

15.1 If you have questions or comments regarding our privacy policy,contact us by email: or bymail: N. Kipshidze str. #8, apt. 27 0162 Tbilisi, Georgia.

General Terms for Carriers

Terms and Conditions for Carriers

The following general terms and conditions are set forth the main terms and conditions applying to and governing the agreement between you (hereinafter referred to as “carrier”) and STYX.

In order to provide transportation services through STYX app, you have to accept the following terms and conditions.

1. Definitions

1.1 STYX (Hereinafter referred to as “we”, “us”) – LLC STYX, founded in accordance with Georgian law, with identification code – 405170363, and legal address: 27 Kipshidze str. apt. 27, Vake-Saburtalo district, Tbilisi, Georgia.

1.2 Affiliate – is an entity that is direct or indirect subordinate of STYX and that provides STYX services in specific countries or cities. Information about which affiliate provides STYX services in particular states or cities and their contact information is accessible on website:

1.3 STYX services – the services that STYX and/or its affiliate companies offer to their customers, among which are using STYX app and website, providing a platform and technical support, transacting the payments between you and your customers, easing communication process and similar services as they are described in general terms and conditions or the agreement.

1.4 STYX app - STYX web platform that carriers use to receive and complete orders and manage the transportation process.

1.5 Customer – Any person that orders shipment transportation through STYX app.

1.6 Carrier/You - Person that takes responsibility for transportation service(s) through STYX app. Please bear in mind that you can register as a private individual or legal body.

1.7 General terms and conditions – The following general terms and conditions presented by STYX.

1.8 Agreement – The agreement between you and STYX concerning STYX app usage, which covers general terms and conditions presented here and additional terms and conditions or future terms that you and STYX might agree on.

1.9 License – Right to usage of STYX app in accordance with the following agreement.

1.10 Website

1.11 Transportation fee – Price for transportation service that you and your customer agree on.

1.12 STYX commisions charge – Price that you have to pay to STYX after every completed order for using STYX app according to license tariffs.

1.13 In-app payment– Payment method, which is made by a customer through app. In-app payments can be made with bank/credit cards, corporate or other payment methods approved by STYX.

1.14 Transportation services – Shipment transportation services, that you have accepted from your customer through STYX app.

2. Entry into the agreement

2.1 Prior to using STYX app, the license recipient must register on STYX website. Providing information requested by STYX is necessary. Upon succesfully completing the registration process, STYX provides you with in-app, personal account which will be accessible through your username and password. By clicking the “registration” button located at the bottom of general terms and conditions, license recipients confirms that:

2.1.1. At the moment of entering into an agreement and/or entering any other relevant agreement they are legally capable person (in accordance with the law) and have a right to enter into an agreement with STYX, in order to provide transportation services to customer(s) through STYX app;

2.1.2. They have read and accept all points of general terms and conditions and all the responsibilities that arise;

2.1.3. License recipient has provided STYX with full information and is responsible for its credibility;

2.1.4. The user account will not be given away to third parties or used by third parties in any way;

2.1.5. STYX app won’t be used for illegal goals and the user will act with decency;

2.1.6. License recipient won’t make copies of STYX documentation and received information and won’t distribute them without receiving STYX confirmation in advance;

2.1.7 User accounts will always be kept in order and updated timely;

2.1.8 License recipient will act in accordance with the laws of the states and cities where the transportation services will take place;

2.1.9 License recipient fully accepts STYX privacy policy (

2.2 During registration, when filling in banking details, you are obligated to indicate your personal banking details. If the holder of the account is a legal body, it is obligated to indicate the company’s banking details. STYX transfers in-app payments to the bank accounts that you provide us. STYX and/or its affiliates are not to be held responsible for faulty transactions if the banking details you provided are incorrect.

2.3 After filling in the application, you will receive additional terms and conditions via email, that are necessary for providing transportation services. These conditions might be: notice of conviction, valid driver’s license, tech inspection certificate, app learning course, mobile device with integrated GPS an other conditions listed in additional terms. In case of satisfying the additional terms and conditions incompletely, the agreement will not be considered valid and your rights to use STYX app will be restricted.

2.4 You accept that in particular cities or states STYX might assign its rights and obligations covered by the agreement to its authorized affiliates. Assigned rights and obligations might be: reviewing the documentation provided to obtain rights for app usage, conducting training program, collecting STYX commission fee, mediating the payment process, licensing STYX app etc. Information about authorized affiliates can befound on website

2.5 Registering the account for legal bodies You are considered a legal body, if you are registered in accordance with georgian law about manufacturers and you indicate a legal body as a recipient of fees. In such case, the legal body is considered a provider of transportation services and a separate party in any documents to be signed subsequently.

2.6. Registering account for distributor companies. Upon signing an agreement with STYX, the distributor companies can register accounts for its employees and/or service providers. In such case the distributor company is responsible for the actions of its employees and/or service providers and has to introduce them to the general terms and conditions.

2.7. Registering account for international carriers. During registration process, in case you wish to work with international orders and you have according licenses and authorization (if applicable) you can choose the corresponding service in STYX app. Upon choosing international transportation service you are granted access to and can accept international shipment/orders. When using this service, different tariffs apply to private individuals and legal bodies. In case of failing to pay license comission charges, your access to only this service will be restricted. You can also enable access to international transportation service from app settings, if you don’t enable it during registration.

3. License for using STYX app and website

3.1 STYX app. STYX app gives you access to the orders of customers interested in transportation services. You can confirm or reject offers at your own discretion.

3.2 License for using STYX app and website. In case of accepting the points of the following agreement, STYX grants you the license to using its app and website in accordance with the general terms and conditions. The license is non-transferable, non-exclusive and is not to be subjected to sub-licensing. However, in the event that separate agreement is reached, distributor companies can grant rights to use STYX app to the members of their vehicle fleet.

3.3 When using STYX app and/or website you are not allowed to:

3.3.1. Decompile the program, conduct reverse engineering or process it in any other way;

3.3.2. Try to access STYX app and/or website code, re-engineer STYX app or website and use re-engineerd versions of STYX app or website in any way;

3.3.3. Send files or software that are corrupted and/or contain viruses, that can cause damage to other parties’ computer devices, STYX service, website, STYX app, technical support or telecommunication devices;

3.3.4. Gain unauthorized access to STYX app, website or other STYX service.

3.4. In order to use STYX app and website, you are obligated to pay the usage fee to STYX or STYX’s affiliate, in accordance with the point 12 of the general terms and conditions.

3.5. In accordance with the general terms and conditions, the license will be authomatically terminated and your rights to use the software will be restricted if: a) STYX refuses to provide services until any obligations (including financial obligations, announcements, guarantees and any other conditions or obligations) dictated by the customer’s agreement or any other relevant agreement are completely fulfilled; or b) if the customer does not properly fulfill the obligations dictated by the following agreement and/or any other relevant agreement (including financial obligations, announcements, guarantees and any other conditions or obligations).

3.6. Using information accessible at carrier forums and other websites. STYX can grant you access to carrier forums and other information that is accessible via STYX app. You have no rights to publish, share, upload, or email any false, misleading, infringing, slandering, illegal, obscene and unlawful information. STYX has the right to restrict your access to forums or STYX app in the event that you violate any of the aforementioned obligations.

3.7. Using STYX logo and other digital or printed material. STYX and/or its affiliates can grant you rights to use the logo and other digital or printed materials and/or other symbolics, that apply to STYX or indicate that you are using STYX app. STYX grants you non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use the symbolics only to indicate, that you provide the transportation services through STYX app. In the event that the agreement is terminated, you are obligated to immediately erase and delete any symbolics that apply to STYX or its brands

3.8. All copyright and trademarks that apply to STYX, including the software code, database, logos and visual designs are owned by STYX and are protected by copyright, trademark and/or trade secret laws and international treaty provisions. By using STYX app, website or other STYX service, you do not obtain ownership to any intellectual property of STYX.

4. Providing service

4.1. Your obligations. You hereby guarantee that you will provide transportation services in accordance with the laws and regulations of the area of operation, where you are registered and provide transportation services under the condition that you will hold all necessary licensing, permits and documentation needed to provide transportation services. You are fully responsible for any violation of laws and regulations.

4.2. Furthermore, you are obligated to hold all licensing (including a valid driver’s license), permits, vehicle insurance, responsibilty insurance (if applicable), registration certificates, and other documentation that is necessary for providing transportation services in the applicable jurisdiction. You are responsible for the validity of any aforementioned documents. STYX reserves the right to demand the evidence submit for review all the necessary licenses, permits, approvals, authority, registrations and certifications as well as their renewals.

4.3. You must obey traffic rules at all times.

4.4. You must provide the transportation services in accordance with the ethical standards and complete your customer’s orders in best interests of the customer. You may not make any unauthorized stops.

4.5. You have the right to accept, reject or ignore any customers’ orders.

4.6. Costs you incur while providing the Transportation Services. You are obligated to have equipment necessary for providing the transportation services functioning properly at all times. You are obligated to take care of the equipment, including the vehicle, smart device, internet access and other auxilary items. Furthermore, you are obligated to pay all costs necessary for providing the transportation services, including, but not limited to fuel costs, amortization of the vehicle, insurance, corporate or payroll taxes etc. Please bear in mind that using the STYX App may bring about consummation of large amount of data on your mobile data plan.

4.7. Transportation fee You are entitled to receiving the payment for every completed order, that your customer placed on STYX app. You determine fees for your services yourself during each bidding process. You always have the right to charge your customers less than you have indicated on STYX app.

4.8. STYX retains the right to withhold a certain amount of payment in the event that violations are discovered (ex. transporting the shipment via deliberately longer route, not turning off STYX app counter upon order completion, or technical error, etc.) STYX also retains the right to cancel or reduce the payment in case there is reasonable cause to suggest that the transportation service has been provided improperly or the customer has pointed out any violations from your side. At the same time, STYX will only cancel or reduce payment based upon solid proofs only.

4.9. Payment method The customer can pay the transportation fees through app, as described in the point 13 of general terms and conditions.

4.10. Receipt. After every successful transportation STYX creates a document that contains the route, transportation fee, time and any other relevant information regarding the particular shipment. STYX might not create and send a document depending on specific laws that might be applicable. You can see documents for each order in STYX app. Any corrections that you might want to make to transportation fee, should be made in app fee review method. In case that you don’t review your fee, STYX or its affiliate and/or representative might not be obligated to refund the difference in fees.

4.11. Fines. In case that the user cancels the order within one calendar day of its completion, STYX retains the right to fine the user with 50 GEL for using the app irresponsibly and indecently. STYX is free to decide whether to fine a user or not. In the event that the user is fined, commission charge will be deducted from it and the remaining sum will be transferred to carrier’s account within 14 (fourteen) days from imposing a fine.

4.13. Your tax obligations. You hereby acknowledge that you are obliged to fully comply with all tax obligations that arise to you from the applicable laws in relation to providing the transportation services, including (if applicable) VAT; paying Income tax, social security tax or other applicable taxes; fulfilling all tax registration obligations and calculating and remitting all tax liabilities related to your provision of Transportation Services as required by the applicable law. Furthermore, it is your obligation to provide STYX with all relevant tax information, including (and not limited to) copy of your tax payer registration certificate and VAT number. Please bear in mind, that STYX may share relevant tax information with revenue services upon receiving a legal request to do so.

4.14. Authorization to issue invoices. If you use STYX account as a business unit, you thereby allow STYX to issue invoices under your name in order to reimburse any costs, fines or other fees that you are due from STYX. Upon issuing the invoice it will be immediately accessible by the carrier via email.

5. STYX commission charge

5.1. In order to use STYX app you are obligated to pay commission charges. Commission charges are to be paid upon completion of each separate transportation and amount to 10% of total transportation service fee. Commission charge will be deducted from the total service payment credited to STYX transit account by your customer.

5.2. 5.3. License fee tariff:

License fee tariff is individual for each order and amounts to 10% of total service payment and no less than 1 (one) GEL.

6. In-app payment

6.1. STYX may allow its users to pay transportation service fee through bank card, business or mobile service provider in app. (ex. in-app payment) By accepting the general terms and conditions, you authorize STYX to act as your limited commercial agent for the purpose of collecting the fees paid by the customer via in-app payment. Furthermore, you agree that any payments made by the customers via the In-app payment shall be considered the same as payments made directly to you.

6.3. Fees collected through in-app payment, that are credited to STYX bank account, will be credited by STYX to your bank account no later than within two weeks after completing the service. STYX commission will be charged from the payment credited to you by a customer. If you demand an in-app payment review, STYX can credit collected payments after STYX has completed a review.

6.4. STYX will send notifications about payment and carrier’s account balance weekly to the email address indicated by you. The balance shows the amounts of money paid over previous week as well as the amounts of money withheld as STYX commission fees. The reports will be sent on weekly basis.

6.5. Please bear in mind that STYX is not obligated to reimburse you payments that your customer has failed to pay if the reason for failure is not attributable to STYX.

6.6. Before providing transportation service, you have to check that the services are factually provided to the customer and/or that the customer has confirmed that they allow the shipment to be transported to its destination. If the service has not been provided or the customer does not confirm receiving the service, you are not allowed to receive payment from STYX.

6.7. You guarantee and its clear to you that in-app payments do not hinder the regulations, ex. you being obligated to provide your customer with printed documentation.

6.8. You have to notify STYX about any relevant circumstances that might affect STYX obligation to collect and distribute the payments received through in-app payment.

6.9. Please bear in mind, that STYX may set off any fees paid via in-app payment against the STYX fees that you are obliged to pay to STYX.

7. Support

7.1. As one of the services provided by us, we can provide you support regarding the usage of STYX app. Customer support can be provided by STYXor its affiliates ( ).

8. Ratings and activity

8.1. To guarantee high quality service and customer experience, by signing the general terms and conditions you confirm, that your customers can rate and leave feedback regarding the quality of your transportation services after each completed order. Your average rating will be associated with your STYX account and will become visible to customers after you place bids on orders. Customers are obligated to rate and review the service with decency and in case that we consider the review indecent we can disregard it so that it doesn’t affect your average rating.

8.2 In addition to the rating, STYX analyzes the quality of service provided by you and assigns you certan score for activity. The score based on how you accept, complete, reject and react to orders.

8.3 You hereby acknowledge, that in order to provide reliable service to its customers, STYX can determine a minimum average rating and minimum activity score. The carrier is obligated to increase or keep the score at the same level as a minimal effort. If you fail to increase your score after receiving a pertinent notification from STYX, your rights to using the app will be restricted for a period of time or permanently. STYX may reverse the restriction if it is caused by system malfunction or incorrectly indicated scores.

9. Market overview and campaigns

9.1 Market overview. In order to raise your awareness, STYX can provide you with market overview via STYX app, SMS, email or other service. Please bear in mind, that such overviews are merely recommendatory and do not impose any obligations on either of the parties.

9.4 STYX may conduct campaigns for carriers and/or customers according to the terms and conditions of particular campaign.

10. Relationship between you, STYX and the customers

10.1 By signing general terms and conditions your acknowledge, that by providing the transportation services to your customer you and your customer are bound by a service contract, to which neither STYX nor its affiliates are a party.

10.2 STYX and its affiliates do not control or manage your transportation services. You have the sole right to decide when and for how long you wish to use STYX app and whether or not to accept the orders received through STYX app. You also have the sole right to determine the transportation service fees that you offer to your customers. You acknowledge and agree that you have complete discretion to provide services or otherwise engage in other business or employment activities.

10.3. By signing the general terms and conditions you acknowledge and accept, that STYX and its affiliates are only providers of STYX app and additional STYX services, they are not providers of transportation services. By providing STYX app, STYX and its affiliates are merely faciliating the transportation service between you and your customers. STYX can also act as a collector and distributor of payments made by customers for the transportation services.

10.4. You, STYX and its affiliates agree that the relationship between the parties is not an employment agreement and does not create an employment relationship between you, STYX and its affiliates. The parties also agree that no joint venture or partnership exists between you, STYX and its affiliates. You are not authorized to act as an employee, agent or representative of STYX or its affiliates.

10.5. If due to the implication of mandatory laws or otherwise, you are deemed as an employee of STYX or its affiliate, you hereby agree to reimburse STYX and its affiliates for any damages or claims brought by any person, regulator or governmental authority based on such implied employment relationship.

12 Liability

12.2 STYX and/or its affiliates are not liable for any damages or losses that might arise under or in connection with the Agreement or as a result of using the STYX App, including but not limited to:

  • Any direct or indirect financial loss;
  • Loss of profit or anticipated savings;

· Loss of of business, contracts, contacts, goodwill, reputation and any loss that may arise from interruption of the business;

· Loss or inaccuracy of data;

· Any other type of loss or damage.

12.3. In order to avoid doubts, STYX does not guarantee the orders for providing transportation services submitted by the customer and under no circumstances should a submitter be considered to be a real holder of user account. STYX will strive to remove unwanted users from STYX app and STYX and/or its affiliates are not liable for actions or non-actions of app users and their representatives and for damages or losses that you might incur because of the actions or non-actions of your customers or their representatives.

12.4. You are fully liable for violating the general terms and conditions and/or any applicable laws and regulations and you must stop and remedy any such violation upon receiving demand from STYX or governmental authority.

12.5. You are fully liable for any direct and/or indirect losses and/or damages, loss of profits, costs, fines, which STYX and/or its affiliates may be in connection with your violation of agreement or claim by a third party (including the customer) directly or indirectly related to provision of transportation services, you shall compensate such damage to STYX in full within 14 (fourteen) days as of your receipt of the request from STYX.

12.6. You are obligated to pay all tax obligations that you may incur during the completions of your obligations imposed by this agreement or provision of transportation services. You are obligated to indemnify STYX and/or its affiliates from all tax liabilities, duties, claims and penalties that might arise from you not complying with your tax obligations (including and not limited to paying an income tax and social insurance if applicable).

12.7. In case that STYX has any claim agains you, you are obligated to compensate STYX for any legal costs related to the damages or submission of claims relating to compensation for such damages.

13. Term and termination

13.1. The following agreement enters into force upon clicking the “complete registration” button. All other documents that are part of the agreement, enter into force once these documents have been made available to you and you begin to provide transportaton services, unless prescribed otherwise in the agreement.

13.2. You may terminate the following agreement at any time by notifying STYX at least 7 (seven) days in advance, unless you have any ongoing obligation towards STYX.

13.3. STYX may terminate the following agreement at any time by notifying the holder of the license at leats 3 (three) days in advance.

13.4. STYX might immediately terminate the following agreement without any prior notification, in the event that the holder of the license is violating the following agreement and/or any relevant law or regulation thus damaging the public image and business reputation of STYX and/or its affiliates. In the aforementioned events STYX might restrict you the right to registering a new user account or take any necessary actions to stop you from providing the transportation services.

13.5. STYX may also immediately block your access to STYX app and other STYX services over the period of investigation, if there is a doubt that you have violated the agreement or commited a fraudulent activity. The block will be removed in case that the investigation disproves such doubts. STYX is obligated to use this right in decency and good faith.

13.6. STYX is aiming to provide the top quality service to its customers and monitor the carrier’s activity in its system. If you fail to meet the minimum service requirements, STYX may immediately terminate the following agreement without any prior notification.

14. Amendments

14.1 STYX has the sole right to make amendments to the general terms and conditions. The amendments enter in force after having become available to you via email. Then you shall continue using STYX app and providing transportation services according to updated terms and conditions unless prescribed otherwise in the agreement.

14.2 In order to make amendment to the general terms and conditions, STYXmust place the updated version on website ( and give you at least 14 (fourteen) days prior notice. If you continue using the STYX app, you shall be deemed to have accepted the revised conditions.

15. Applicable law and court jurisdiction

15.1. Any dispute that may arise in connection with this Agreement, whether with respect to its existence, validity, interpretation, performance, breach, termination or otherwise, shall be settled by way of negotiations.

16. Contact information

16.1. You are obligated to immediately notify STYX about any changes to your contact information. You guarantee that your contact information will be precise and updated at all times.

16.2. STYX contact information is provided on the website.

17. Final provisions

17.1 If any provision of the following agreement is unenforceable, the parties shall replace that provision with new enforceable provision that approximates the intent and economic effect of the replaced provision. If any party fails or delays to enforce any provision of the following agreement, this will not be deemed a waiver of such provision.

17.2 You may not assign the following agreement of any of the rights or obligations described by the following agreement to the third party if not provided otherwise by the agreement.

17.3. Any notice, required by the following agreement, will be deemed properly given if: (i) delivered personally, (ii) sent by courier with proof of delivery, (iii) sent by insured mail, (iv) sent via email. Any notice, given in accordance with the aforementioned methods, will be deemed to have been received if: (i) given personally, at the time of the delivery to the party; (ii) if sent by courier, on the day indicated by a courier as a date when the notice has been delivered to the party; (iii) if sent by insured mail, on the 10th day of delivering the envelope to the party; and (iv) if sent via email, on the second calendar day after sending the email, in case no error noticed has been given to the sender (clearly implying that the email has not been delivered to the party) and the email has been sent again the next day without any further error notice.

Date of entry into force of the terms and conditions:

General Terms for Shippers

Terms and Conditions for Customers

STYX is a mobile app for shipment transportation. It’s used to connect shippers and providers of transportation services, that are registered on STYX system. STYX LLC. (Identification code 405170363) was founded in accordance with Georgian law and is the holder of STYX app rights and the owner of the service.

1. Using STYX app

1. To use STYX app you have to install the app and sign up/create a user account. Upon installing the STYX app, customer related information is connected to specific user account and is added to the database.

2. Using STYX app the customer pays transportation service fees with one of payment services built inside the app.

3. Any message can be sent to our support team via email: We can also be contacted by phone +995593251818 (Reachable on business days from 11:00 to 19:00)

2. Terms of Bank/credit card payment

1. STYX app user can pay for services with a bank/credit card. Activation within said app and accepting STYX terms and conditions is necessary.

2. Bank/Credit card payment or other payment is directed to STYX LLC, which deducts STYX commission fees from it and sends the remaining sum to the carrier.

3. Service fee is added to bank/credit card payment after each order. Said service payiment consists of bank commission fee, Visa/Mastercard service fee. The amount of service fee is visible in app.

4. In regards to credit card payments within STYX app, ADYEN BV acts as anintermediary with the followiing terms and conditions: .

5. STYX is obligated to provide technical support to its customers might any difficulties arise with the bank/credit card payments. Legal actions and court resolutions regarding the bank/credit card payments can take place through STYX. Contact information for bank/credit card payment STYX support team is: phone: +995 593251818 – Inquiries made via emails are typically resolved withing three business days. STYX is obligated to resolve any issues concerning credit card payments or mobile payments within three business days.

6. During bank/credit card or other payment method STYX acts as a financial advisor for transportation service providers and as an intermediary in payment process within STYX app. Customer’s obligations towards the carrier must be considered completed once the transaction clears on STYX bank account. STYX is not to be held accountable for customers overlooking their obligation to pay or incomplete performance of their obligations.

3. Order confirmation and order cancellation

1. If a customer places an order on STYX app and the carrier confirms it offering the service fee, this is considered a pre-order (bid).

2. The pre-order (bid) of transportation service is considered cancelled, when the carrier confirms receiving the order but STYX app user refuses to use said transportation service despite having a confirmation.

3. In case of order cancellation the customer (user of STYX app) must pay 50 GEL as a fine and refund damages to the carrier, if there are any. In case the order is cancelled within one day of its confirmation, the customer doesn’t have to pay fine.

4. We are authorized to restrict the right to use the app to those customers, who have cancelled 3 confirmed orders over a period of one week. The app notifies its customers about cancelled orders and when the number of those order reaches three, STYX restricts the customer to use app. Restriction can last up to 6 months. After this period, the customer can re-activate the account by contacting the support team via email and reaching a new agreement with them.

4. Using STYX app.

1. STYX is a mobile app that gives its customers opportunity to make orders for tranportation services of suitable carriers based on their geographical location.

2. Using the STYX app is based upon non-exclusive license issued by STYX LLC. License agreement is valid for an unlimited period of time excluding the license restrictions covered by these terms and conditions. In case of any technical difficulties we will do our best to improve them as fast as possible but please keep in mind that using the app may be restricted because of unexpected technical errors and we cannot guarantee error-free functioning for the indefinite periods of time. We are not to be held accountable for any losses that may come as a result of STYX app malfunctioning of functioning in an undesired way. In the event that customer’s right to use service is restricted, corresponding non-exclusive licence shall also be repealed.

3. As the STYX app is aimed towards the communication of the customer and the carrier, STYX cannot influence the quality of service or its faults. Thus we cannot provide guaranteed, constantly precise and error-less transportation service. In order to resolve any issues, please contact our support team. (Point 1.3)

4. STYX app is not to be used as a broker/intermediary between the customer and the carrier. STYX app is not means to organizing the provision of transportation services.

5. Customers’ right to refund does not apply to STYX app orders.

5. By creating a STYX account, the customer accepts the following terms:

1. STYX has the right to gather customers’ personal information in its database and share them with the carrier in accordance with STYX privacy policy (

2. STYX is authorized to make unilateral amendments to the general terms and conditions as well as the privacy policy. Furthermore, STYX has the right to give away personal information database to third parties. We will notify our customers about the amendments and changes.

3. STYX is authorized to give away personal details to the third parties without notifying its customers in advance. In the event that business or database is given away to third party, terms and conditions, that are given in the license agreement will also be given away.

4. STYX is authorized to send personal information and banking details to the intermediaries for bank/credit card payments or other payments.

6. Good practice of using STYX app

1. Because STYX is not a provider, or broker of transportation services, we cannot influence the quality of transportation services. Any disputes regarding the faults of transportation services or their quality must be resolved according to the rules and regulations of the carrier or any other relevant supervisory authority.

2. STYX is commited to contribute to the improvement of transportation services. For these reasons we ask to fill in the feedback form in STYX app. This enables us to give the carriers advices regarding the improvement of transporttion services.

3. We expect that STYX app users will use the app right-mindedly and with respect towards the carriers, who offer their services within STYX app.

4. STYX will try its best to ensure, that only those carriers will us the app, that are respectful towards their customers and their profession. However we cannot ensure that every carrier registered on STYX app will match the above criteria at any given moment of time. If you notice any faults on the carriers’ side, please notify the company responsible for service quality, the supervisory authority or our support team. (point 1.3)